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Why Give?

It would be impossible to make a difference for Theta’s Leading Women without your support. In the past few years alone, you have made it possible for Thetas to:

Attend Leadership Programs

Participate in Service-Learning Trips

Receive Guidance from ELCs

Complete & Continue Their Education

“The generosity of donors like you has inspired me to continue to help others and to always stay involved in Theta.”
– Chelsea Wickenheiser, Pi/Albion

“Your gift touched many lives, and allowed me to serve those less fortunate. What an honor it was.”
– Katherine Anderson, Alpha/DePauw

“The commitment that Theta has made to fostering my personal development is heartwarming and inspiring.”
– Jennifer Taylor, Epsilon Zeta/Mississippi

“I never imagined gaining such a mentor through an ELC visit, and that’s exactly what Annie is. Her passion for Theta is truly inspiring.”
– Jilan Shimberg, Zeta Xi/~