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Will YOU Be My Valentine?

Will YOU Be My Valentine?


Wow, is it February already?  What happened to January?   Anyone else wondering where the start of the year went?


Well, I can tell you that Theta Foundation’s 2012 is off to an amazing start and we are flurrying with activity.  It is already shaping up to be an incredible year for our organization, and it’s all because of YOU.


For the individuals and chapters who made donations last year and have already given this year – you are humbling us with your generous support.  We have already awarded several educational grants in January allowing Thetas to have varying professional, philanthropic, leadership and educational experiences in the United States and abroad, fulfilling our vision of giving every Theta every opportunity to make a difference.  We have also received over 600 scholarship applications from women seeking financial support for their education.   When it’s all said and done, we plan to award more than $500,000 to support Thetas of all ages in their pursuit of undergraduate and graduate degrees later this spring.


We’ve also supported the Fraternity, as well.  At the end of 2011, we issued a quarterly educational disbursement of more than $130,000 that supported Theta’s efforts in educating new members on alcohol and risky behaviors.  We also are supporting a wonderful program called Sisters Supporting Sisters which puts all college women and their advisors only a phone call away from a counselor or therapist to help them with any issues or problems they may be struggling with.  We continue to support the Educational Leadership Consultant program as well.  These eleven women are outstanding recent graduates who travel the country with the mission to keep Theta’s college chapters strong and are teaching and learning leadership skills that will last them a lifetime.


Whew!  That’s a lot for only two months – no wonder time has flown by.  I could go on and share more, but these are just a few examples of how we have recently impacted our members, chapters and the Fraternity at large. 


None of this is possible without your support.


As we approach Valentine’s Day and begin to think about the people that we love and that make a difference in our lives– for Theta Foundation, it’s the thousands of women who make what we do possible.  From those that apply to receive our support via scholarships and grants, to the women and chapters who give to make those scholarships and grants possible, YOU are the reason Theta Foundation has a big heart.  And whether you give, receive or share – I want to personally extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for remembering Theta Foundation.


Before I close, I also want to share with you something that I think is pretty special.  Did you know that all Fraternity Headquarters staff members are donors to Theta Foundation?  A few years ago, we decided it would be fun to challenge our HQ staff and encourage 100% giving.  What we found is that everyone had at some point supported Theta Foundation and most had payroll deduction gifts set up to provide continuous support to us!  I think it is pretty special that we have such a caring and supportive staff and many are not even members of our organization.  Proof positive that Theta Love reaches far and deep!


If you aren’t a donor to Theta Foundation or you want to learn more about our scholarship and grant programs and the resources made available to our members, please explore our give, receive and share tabs above. 


And me?  Well, I’ll be here behind the desk trying to figure out where January went.


Happy Valentine’s Day!  JEN


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