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Why ELCs Matter to College Chapters

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By: Ashley Freeman, Eta Rho/James Madison University 

Above: Ashley being kited by members of Zeta Eta/Wofford College, with incoming ELC Ashlee Moody to her right. 

As a former educational leadership consultant, I realize ELCs often share common themes about the consultant experience. We share about our personal growth during our time as consultants. We proudly advertise our […]

Educational Leadership Consultant Training: The Foundation for Success

Blog, Careers, Give to Lead Give to Learn, Grant

By: Christa Samaha, Eta Rho/James Madison University, Assistant Director of Chapter Services

“The ELC job gave me unwavering confidence and excellent presentation skills. After two years as an ELC, I walked into every job interview knowing that I was a step ahead of my competition. I not only had the diversity of my ELC experiences, but […]

College Chapters Inspire Us, One Letter at a Time

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By: Kristen Magnes Kaiser, Alpha/DePauw, Foundation Executive Director

Above: Eta Omega/St. Louis writes letters through the Don’t Break the Chain initiative for Give to Lead, Give to Learn.

Theta’s undergraduate members are first-hand beneficiaries of the valuable programs being endowed through Give to Lead, Give to Learn. By receiving annual visits from educational leadership consultants, collegians see the impact […]

5 Things You May Not Have Known about Theta’s ELC Program

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By: Madisen Ray Petrosky, Theta Foundation Marketing Manager

“Theta’s ELC program has been and continues to be known among the Panhellenic and Fraternity/Sorority advisor communities as one of the best. I attribute this to our staff responsible for the ELCs’ hiring and the training program they have before they hit the road.” —Mary Jane Parker Beach, […]

Theta Connections and the Catalyst for a Career: One Consultant’s Journey

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By: Becky Reed Barker, Ph.D., Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State

Above: Becky, Melissa Crane Reinecke, and Betty Baur Lambert traveling on the subway in New York City.

The power of Kappa Alpha Theta never surprises me, but it sure can bring a smile to my face.

While I was a collegian at Beta Zeta/Oklahoma State University, Julie Shivers Jameson, Gamma […]

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