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Day 20: Making Our Scholarship Program Possible

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From reading our 2013-2014 Annual Report, you know that it takes over 200 volunteers to read and evaluate the hundreds of Theta Foundation scholarship applications that are submitted in the spring. Their volunteer service begins in late January and ends in April, but the enormous amount of work they are able to achieve in that […]

Day 19: Continuing a Legacy of Opportunity

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By: Stacy Chestnut Rini, Beta Iota/Colorado, Theta Foundation donor

I can say with confidence that Kappa Alpha Theta has helped make me the woman I am today! I truly believe I am a better business woman, leader, mother, volunteer, public speaker, and friend due to my extensive work with Theta. I was an Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) […]

Day 18: “Theta Foundation truly demonstrated, by example, what it means to be a leading woman.”

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By: Emily Crowley, Beta Xi/UCLA, 2014 Theta Foundation scholarship recipient

A leading woman is someone who demonstrates kindness and generosity in the subtlety of her actions. She impresses not in the boldness of her speech but in her deeds. When I first learned the concept of “leading woman” as a newly initiated member, I was appreciative […]

Day 17: Stories of impact are not isolated—they are all around us.

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Where Kappa Alpha Theta’s members lead, amazing things are accomplished. If you’ve been following #Theta31 the past 16 days, perhaps you’ve already noticed this in the stories from donors who give back to Theta in appreciation for Theta’s influence in their lives, and in the stories from accomplished program recipients who are making a difference […]

Day 16: Theta provides opportunities to change women’s lives.

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By: Kara Prestage Van Duzee, Zeta Omicron/Wake Forest, Theta Foundation donor

My father once told me that the most important things I would learn in college would have nothing to do with what I learned in the classroom. Of course, at the time I thought he was nuts. But looking back, I realize he was completely right. […]

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