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Theta Foundation Teams:


Executive Director

Kristen Magnes Kaiser, CFRE, Alpha/DePauw
1.800.526.1870 ext. 147


  • Serves as Chief Executive Officer of Theta Foundation.
  • Provides leadership for the effective and efficient operation of Theta Foundation according to the stated mission, goals, and policies established by the Board of Trustees.
  • Is responsible for the success and efficiency of development, programs, communications, and operations of the Foundation.
  • Serves as primary spokesperson for the Foundation, communicating the mission of Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation.

Administration Team:


Director of Finance and Administration

Donna Heinekamp
1.800.526.1870 ext. 109


  • Serves as Chief Financial Officer.
  • Directs and oversees Theta Foundation’s strategic financial, investment, and administrative operations.
  • Facilitates and supervises employee benefit programs, contracts, audits, and items that lead to the success and efficiency of Theta Foundation operations.

Gift Entry & Donor Records Coordinator

Elizabeth Ricke
1.800.526.1870 ext. 110


  • Records, acknowledges, and legally receipts donations to Theta Foundation.
  • Assists with recording development activity and donor research.
  • Assists with the preparation of mailing lists and reports.
  • Helps donors with questions regarding gifts and established funds.

Executive Assistant

Annie Hornung, Eta Sigma/Chapman
1.800.526.1870 ext. 117


  • Works closely with the Executive Director, Board President, and Board of Trustees, serving as the external and internal liaison to the Board of Trustees, Fraternity, Fraternity Housing Corporation, chapter leaders, and outside organizations.
  • Manages logistics of in-person Board meetings, monthly conference calls, special events, and retreats.
  • Supports Executive Director in strategic planning activities, daily tasks, scheduling, meetings, and other duties.
  • Works closely with Foundation staff on special projects.

Programs Team:


Director of Programs

Gaylena Merritt, Alpha/DePauw
1.800.526.1870 ext. 148


  • Directs all aspects of Theta Foundation’s scholarship and grant programs, including application processes and recipient notification.
  • Works closely with Foundation leadership, staff, volunteers, and professional partners to administer and manage Foundation programs.
  • Works in partnership with development and finance staff members to oversee endowed funds and maintain relationships with fund contacts.

Programs Coordinator

Mary Kate Kronzer, Gamma/Butler
1.800.526.1870 ext. 113


  • Supports all aspects of Theta Foundation’s scholarship and grant programs, including application, evaluation, and selection processes.
  • Maintains membership and application databases.
  • Prepares and coordinates communications related to Foundation programs.

Fundraising Team:


Marketing Manager

Madisen Ray Petrosky, Sigma Kappa Sorority
1.800.526.1870 ext. 108


  • Responsible for executing the marketing projects and campaigns associated with individual and chapter annual giving programs, Theta Foundation’s strategic brand identity, and stewardship activities.
  • Responsible for executing print publications and online presences in social media and websites.

Jami Slaton - Staff PhotoManager of Annual & Chapter Giving

Jami Harrison Slaton, Alpha Sigma/Washington State
1.800.526.1870 ext. 126


Manager of Operations

Cindy Shaffer Thoennes, Alpha Chi/Purdue
1.800.526.1870 ext. 119


  • Supports organization operations by managing and maintaining office systems and gift entry, processing, and acknowledgement.
  • Prepares reports, provides customer service and other tasks to support the operations of Theta Foundation.
  • Assists with Theta Foundation’s stewardship program.


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